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My GIG is Down Now

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29 minutes ago, haque_adsflow said:

My GIG was first page and the position was within first 3 line. But today I couldn't find the Gig within 20 page. What is reason so my Gig is down?

Don't know how is it possible, everyone who posted about this topic they said their gig was on the first page and between 1/2 row. 

By the way there is lot of thread about your topic. You will get useful information there.

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8 hours ago, mktareq said:

Also try to make some orders from old buyer

You have been here since 2015 and give this as advice?

DO NOT reach out to old buyers sending them messages asking them to order from you or if they need anything from you. This can be seen as spam and get your account a warning.

Do not give bad advice that can get other sellers accounts warnings or banned.


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