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2021 has been a disaster for me but fiverr helped me to move on. How?


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I have been doing full time freelancing for almost 3 years now and fiverr is the major platform that helped me doing it. When COVID-19 started in 2020, I thought it would end sometime soon but it kept getting deep and deep. It gradually started impacting businesses and eventually me. For an instance, a bakery client from Toronto had his shop closed for several months but used to get content from me in regular intervals. I even gave him discounted price because his business was almost shut for months. I continued to work on the orders on fiverr and never realized if the pandemic would hit my family one day, even though we were super careful.

In May 2021 my parents(mom and dad) were found covid positive. I was negative, though we stayed together. Then the treatment started for my dad and mom. I stayed in a separate room and continued to work on my orders during the night. Even I informed the clients for having delayed delivery compared to how I delivered earlier for them. They understood the situation and none of my orders got delayed. On the 6th of May, oxygen level of my dad started decreasing and on 7th of May he was admitted to the hospital. Families are not allowed to meet the patients during covid treatment and I used to manage hospital, my mom and fiverr orders at night. On 24th of may after detoriating condition, my dad left us with shock which we had never expected. It was a very difficult situation for me and my family. For almost 3-4 days, I could not even open fiverr app and inform my clients. After 4 days, I opened my fiverr app at night after making my mom sleep and replied to the pending orders about the issue. I again started working on them slowly and side by side tried to look after my mom. That helped me to manage the family expenses as well as to keep myself motivated. 

Fiverr gave me the platform where I could work when I got time and also kept me busy. Now, slowly myself and family are trying to recover from the incident. On July 14th I was able to meet the requirements for a top rated seller on fiverr yet I am a level 2 seller. I thanked my dad first for helping me from the background. Then I informed my mom. Actually, my mom saw me saying thanks to my dad's picture and I told her about it. She cried a bit but was a lot happy. Hopefully, I will be able to fulfil all his dreams.

For newbies, I would say, when it comes to work, don't take it as a burden. Just enjoy it as your passion and you will eventually find your path. 

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