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My Journey on Fiverr: 5 Things New Sellers Should Do


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I opened my Fiverr account in June 2020 and I created my first gig in April 2021.

For a month, I worked tirelessly on my gig descriptions, images and more. I sent buyer's requests countless times all to no avail.

I got frustrated and I message a level 2 seller to outsource her job to me, I was warned by Fiverr not to do such because it's against their regulations. 😊

Yet, I didn't give up, I research more,  read books on Fiverr and I started changing my gig every single day!

On May 1st,  boom! I got my 1st order, I wrote 200 recipes for $5 in 24hours  (ridiculous right!)

It was a lot of work but I was not after the money but recognition. I want to get a positive review, which I got and the rest is a story.

Now, I am a level one seller and I have completed 27 orders with a 5* rating and 3 on queue.

My advice to New sellers:

1. Be patient and be persistent

2. Do not give up and always learn how to be better by reading and add to your knowledge.

3. Ensure your Gig description identify a problem and how you can solve the problem. That's how buyers find you, they want someone who can solve their problems.

4. Do not take a job you can't do and when you get a project put your all into it and do the job professionally not minding the price.

5. Communicate with the buyers politely and be friendly. Let them feel comfortable when chatting with you. E.g ask about their day, work and let them trust you with the project.



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Guest developeramanul

It's not a easy journey.

You do struggle a lot for this achievement.

Thanks for your valuable Advice. Best of luck.

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You're welcome

On 7/17/2021 at 8:49 AM, genuineguidance said:

You should add a #6:

DO NOT message other sellers to ask them for advice or to give you work. It will get your account a warning and possibly banned if you do it to enough sellers.

Yes! it's important 😊, I didn't know I was told to do so.

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