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HOW TO Improve my Gig,


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Here's some suggestions for the gigs. To improve clicks it might help to make the gig images better/clearer when shown on the profile (see below):

Gig: I will do data entry, web research, data mining, as a perfect virtual assistant
In the gig image:
I don't think having 5 stars in the gig image is allowed. The same in another gig's thumbnail.
Maybe change "copy past" to something like "copy-paste"

In the gig description:
Maybe change "Resfactfull"

In the premium package "copy past," could be changed.

In the FAQ section:
Maybe change "Have you don’t this work before ?" in question 2.

Gig: I will provide accurate linkedin lead generation in lower price
In the FAQ section:
"What type Resouarch you uses for collect leads?" could be "What type of research do you use to collect leads?" in question 4.

I'm not sure linked-in lead generation is allowed as a service.
In the video thumbnail it says "B2B LRAD GENERATION" - that seems incorrect.

In the profile:
Maybe change "I come to fiverr after complete my full couch,"
In the skills section:
"data entery" could be "data entry"
"web scrapping" could be "web scraping"

Check the gig images/video thumbnails as they show on the profile. Some text is getting cropped. Make the service clear enough from those smaller versions of the image.

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Welcome to Fiverr Community Forum!

You can follow under below:

  1. USE 3 Gig image, 2 PDF’s & offline image SEO.

  2. Use 5 SEARCH TAGS in your gig (SEARCH TAGS helpful for RANK your Gig)

  3. Per day Send 10 buyer requests properly.

  4. Active ONLINE more time. (Not 24 hours a day, you also need to be healthy to put your best)

  5. SHARE your gigs on social sites. (Make an environment where you will actually get clients, it’s not suggested if you have only friend and family)

  6. Visit FIVERR related group & follow others freelancer

  7. Develop your SKILL in your category

  8. Learn more about Fiverr.

  9. Take a free Fiverr course.

I hope you got a lot of orders in the fiverr. Good luck for you

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