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The Five keys that will help you grow on Fiverr

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On 7/16/2021 at 12:07 PM, dreamzinfinite said:


These Five keys will help you grow on Fiverr

ATTRACTION: when I talk about attraction, it covers the overall presentation of your Gig which you have made to show the buyers. The Gigs should have the potential to attract buyers who need your services.


ENGAGEMENT: Now that the buyer has left you a message it is your opportunity to respond fast to the message and engage the client with your professional, polite and humble conversation providing him the full knowledge of your services explains what he is going to get and how much time it will take if the buyer purchases your services. 


CONVERSION:  The most important among others. It is the best factor in ranking your Gig. The customer who approached you should be converted to a sale from your Gig which counts on this platform about the professionalism that you provided to the prospective buyers.


FULFILLMENT:  Fulfillment reflects your ability to provide on-time delivery of services to the customers. The services you provide should be on time and most importantly satisfy the buyer to get 5-star reviews if you get a tip from that it’s a cherry on the cake.


POSITIVE REVIEW AND TIP: Your rankings are raised from the positive reviews and Tip, you are merged among the best sellers providing their best services but remember never ask your buyer to provide a review according to your wish or ask a tip it may be harmful to your Fiverr career. 


Remember the theory: Provide the Best Value working on what you are good at.


Hope this helps you all to grow your business on Fiverr


I wish you the best in business!!





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