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How do Full Broadcast rights work in regards to multiple gigs?



I am an indie game developer and use Fiverr to hire voice-actors.

Because of the nature of game development, anything could change at any moment. So, when I'm trying to fill positions for people to voice certain characters I don't have them voice every single line that could possibly be in the game; Mostly because I haven't actually written every single piece of dialogue that far in advance.

Most Voice Actors will have a small purchase price (say, 5-10 dollars per 50 words) but have large Broadcast Rights prices (usually around 30-50 dollars).

But my question would be, what exactly does this Broadcast Rights cover? If I contact a seller 4-5 times throughout the year or so when I need voice lines do I have to buy these full broadcast rights EVERY TIME I request a gig? Or do I only need to purchase it once?

Because if I got them to read off all 1000 words at once in a single gig I would only pay for the Full Broadcast license once. But if I space it out am I expect to purchase it every time?


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That can vary per seller, so you'll need to ask per-seller.

Some might be fine with building a custom order that notates, outlines, or line-items the rights as (pre-paid as of order #xyz123), while others might want the rights paid per 1000 words (mix), or the price might be variable based on per-order word-count, and others still might want per order.

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It really would depend on each seller how they do it. I would charge broadcast rights per project. If I were to get lines to do for the same game at a later date, I would just charge for those lines. That said, that would require trust. I've been scammed out of rights more than once, mostly commercial rights. I Include this in my price now rather than as an additional extra. I don't think anyone has ripped me off with broadcast rights because that would have consequences. Anyway, I digress. Discussing it with each individual and coming to an agreement is the best way.

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