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How do I leave a positive review for a seller without showing my work sample


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I’d like to leave a positive review for my seller but I don’t want my work sample to show up. As a specific example, I have al logo that I got done somewhere else (by some other designer not on fiverr) I asked my seller to add the trademark ™ to the text portion because I couldn’t edit the eps file (the designer who did the logo is no where to be found). When I wrote a review, the logo shows up on his portfolio. I would prefer if my logo didn’t show up on anyone’s website except mine. 😉

So I took the review off, until I can figure this out.

There’s a little negative sign on the picture beside the review, I thought that if I clicked it, the image would go away but it does nothing. Is that a glitch or is there some other way I can leave a review for the seller.

I love my seller and want to give him a great review on several pieces of work he has done but I don’t want my stuff to show up.

Please advise.

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