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Successfully Completed my 3rd order of $50 with 5 star review.


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Today I successfully completed my 3rd order of $50 with 5 star review. 

Buyer posted a request to change something in all pages of a book. 86 offers were sent before I could send my offer so now I did not expect to get the order but Buyer messaged me a day later and after taking some samples she agreed to order. 

< Please carefully read buyer's request before send them a offer>

I think the offers sent earlier does not matter if you send the offer to the buyer accordingly

what do you think?

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wow, that's a great news. Keep working like that. Focus on client satisfaction. If you get good rating fiverr will rank your gig up. and good rating is the key to be successful. Good rating helps you a lot to be successful on fiverr. And ofcourse focus on time. Deliver your projects timely.

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