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Effective buyer requests

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See my template which is quite big as I wrote big but then I remove some words:


Well! Getting the best Virtual Assistant in Fiverr is very difficult nowadays, you know? And with the requirements that you have, maybe it's impossible. But you are lucky! I have been working on something similar before. Dear Concern, With the knowledge of the latest technology and tools to make work more comfortable, I have worked as a Virtual Assistant for three years now. When reviewing the job, I was thrilled to discover how well your requirements match my qualifications and experiences.



I have vast knowledge in Social Media Marketing, Maintaining Emails, Organizing Clients calendars, and I can collect data and leads if necessary. . 


So, I am a perfect match for this job. As bonus skills, I know Adobe Photoshop, Premiere Pro, and other related software. I have a software background in my education; that's why I am very tech-savvy and eager to adapt to new things. 


You might get a little idea about my work from Fiverr profile, but if we have a meeting over this, I think you will be really happy to talk about the possibility of growing our company together. Or, Before diving into this project, let’s have a meeting over this. It will help us both to learn more about the project. Best of luck! Sincerely, 

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5 hours ago, samiaislam26 said:

Till now, I have sent 480 buyer request and I always read the description carefully. Then sent the request according to their instruction but no response 😞 

Keep patience and faith 💔😊

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