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Many Mentors Saying that if new sellers continue the Fiverr forum they get an order from the gig, it's that true ?

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No, it isn't true. The forum has absolutely no link to the Fiverr platform. And the "mentors" pushing this should stop. The forum is for having questions answered, learning and connecting. People believing that forum activity converts into orders are wasting their time and filling the forum will unnecessary posts and responses. 

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Wait, wait, wait for it...I am sure at least one contributor will come in and flog their informative post about how much money they have made by posting on the forum.

I think I hear the door opening now!

Being on the forum is to gain information. IF you happen to get an order from another poster or forum visitor, then, lucky you. But, it is not a common occurrence. No matter what some "seasoned" forum member(s) want to feed you. More empty calories.


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