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Top 4 Tips for Fiverr Gigs.

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On 7/15/2021 at 9:09 PM, asad931 said:

Hi everyone, Today I will give some very necessary tips for Fiverr Gig. If Fiverr sellers follow these tips, hope they will get orders early.

1. Create SEO Gig title & Image: Firstly, you need to create an SEO Gig title & Image. SEO Gig & Image will help you get more impressions and clicks. When you start earning more clicks, then you will step forward for orders. And also need to create perfect eye-catching SEO Gig Images. You can follow these tips for creating a perfect SEO gig image & Gig title. 


2. Gig description: You just need to write a perfect Gig description by yourself. Do not try to copy-paste in your description. And keep in mind, don't make grammar or spelling errors in your profile, title, and description. And you can also add your portfolio link in the Gig description. It helps earn your buyer's trust. But do not try to add contact information.


3. Search Tags: You must include the most popular 5 keywords in the Search Tags field (Your Gig-related Tags). This will help your Gig to be visible in the Fiverr search filter and show it to buyers.

4. Pricing: it's a very important part. If your pricing rate is too high no one buyer is interested to buy your service. So, you can use fair pricing in your Gig. I recommend you, you can use $5/$10, it's the fair price for your Gig (For basic package). 

I hope these tips help to modify your Gig. 

Screenshot (129).jpg

Hi, This is a most helpful tips for GIG SEO. Thanks for tips. I have a question which position add the portfolio url will be best? 

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