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instagram post template in canva


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Hello and Welcome to my eye-catching canva instagram post template service


If you would like an example or a clear description of the design that you are seeking, please let me know. It is very important for me to get to know your vision in order to provide the best service possible. Getting the audience's attention is easy with it.


How can my gig benefit you?

  • A fully editable and customizable social media post template on canva
  • Provides a smooth, cohesive & stylish feed 
  • with attractive colors, tones, and fonts.
  • High quality, unique, and modern design.
  • Lifetime client support
  • for your social media templates.


Your templates need to include:

  • Links to your instagram account.
  • Sources and themes of your post, help me understand your vision better.
  • Your Color Palette and logo
  • A clear brief description of your instagram post template.



  • You can ask me to design your instagram post template in Adobe Illustrator if you like, for that you will give me extra money per template.
  • I design posts on all kinds of social media. If you want that, message me an inbox for details.


I will design your instagram post template in canva

Thank you

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