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Buyer asks me to sign a contract weeks later.



Hi Everyone!

I need some help. I have a buyer who purchased a voice over, including full-broadcasting rights a couple of weeks ago. He completed the order and left a great review.:) Today, he sent me a message asking me to sign a contract to use the voice over and etc. It is quite lengthy and full of a lot of legal jargon that I frankly don't understand. It will take a long time to go over it. Outside of Fiverr, I would have an agent to go over this. I did explain that he is allowed to use the voice over because he bought the proper rights, but he says that his company needs the contract signed. I want to be helpful but this is not an easy contract to read and I want to make sure I am not signing my life away. Has anyone else had experience with this and do you have any advice?


Thank you in advance!

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The request sounds legit, that it's not him, it's his company. Maybe... still get someone to go over it with you? Call in a favor with a friend and read it out loud over a coffee, or treat them to lunch as a thank you? Bring Google and run at least two searches for words or phrases you don't know, once for business meaning, and once for the legal meaning.

Alternatively, maybe you could provide your own document (a copy of your gig's wording, and the order number and exact contract, and the Fiverr ToS, including the Payment page), and say that their lawyers can determine the validity, but that you've already fulfilled your end of the contract as per Fiverr's ToS. 

I'm really not sure on this one. It's odd.

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