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will I actually get any order?

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It's been two month after my first order. I didnt get a review. zero clicks and  impression are also low. I gave my 10 hours per day but no single order not even message or click. I dont really understand fiverr now. Sharing on social platforms doesn't work for me. when will I get an order or how can i get ? 😞 

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If you are having a gig with an attractive title, perfect Gig image/Video & good tags with descriptions and you are keep on marketing your gigs and still you are failed to get order, there should several reasons as below:

Still your gigs are not reached to the targeted audience, or there might be some problem in your gig as it is not giving the confidence for buyer to order from you. Or they can find the same service for lower price than you ... etc.

You have to research and find out what are the issues and make the corrective actions. 

Every failure leads to success. Successful people don’t fear failure but understand that it’s necessary to learn and grow from. 

Also note: Sharing on social media is not the only way to market your gig learn some other ways too and apply to your gigs.

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The Most important thing is GIG IMAGE, You need to make a attractive image, so when a buyer searching related service then showing too many gig, so if your gig image is attractive his eye will go there first.

You need to make a description with eye catchy style but not a long story.

If you can take a skill test it's a better point to get order.

do your gig image offline and online seo.

Do Blog marketing.

and mostly send 10 buyer request everyday must, But if you just writing it there have no pint about his requirement, then you don't need to send it, If can then send a proper offer that, Yes I can DO IT.

Stay ONLINE 24 Hour's Not Only 10 Hour's.

Don't use any extension or Bot software it's very harmful for a account.

And try to thinking that: You are doing a official job in fiverr, You main Earning Point is Fiverr.

You Must Get a better Result.

If you think My suggestions is helpful then Can i get favorite on my gigs and profile!!!!



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Here's what you can do to improve your gigs in my opinion
1. Attractive gig image
2. Attractive gig title
3. Proper pricing
4. Detail gig description of what you are offer your clients
5. Proper tags or keywords to target appropriate audiences for your specific gigs
6. Daily and proper marketing on social medias
8. Staying online as much as you can on Fiverr

Good luck!

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