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I never thought i would say this but i am disappointed!


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What i am about to say is truly honest and right out of heart of what i feel and what fiverr should do. #fiverrdoesntcare

I Joined Fiverr like in 2018 mid i think. i wont be boring you with how i worked and what i did i will be simply telling you my whole experience with fiverr.
just save this post and copy paste it because it might not be here for long time.

After long period of hard work and making nearly $100k on fiverr with average of 450$ per order i think fiverr might ban me now.
I offer marketing service and i have gotten fiverr choice badge like 20 times in last 6 months on my multiple gigs.
i always had 5.0 to 4.9 rating max.
500+ reviews i think and only 1 star because of my own mistake as i couldn't deliver so buyer had every right to give 1 star rating i admit and other than that never again 1 star rating.

Long story short i waited for almost 11-13 months after i reached my $20k target in order to become top rated seller but it never happened. i understand that and i respect that as well because its a hand picked category and fiverr can choose whoever they want.

in my 3-4 years of working with fiverr 3 times their system mistakenly sent me violations and fiverr removed it as well so i thought i was clear.
so again no violation my account is fully clean and ready and many of you may even know as i was literally the most expensive seller on fiverr because honestly i believe in quality so my tools were expensive so there for i was expensive.

Out of no where almost 3 weeks back fiverr sent me an email saying my account is being reviewed right now as i bought few things because i was trying to manipulate their system. i asked them for proof and they said they cant share so i gave them my proof with logic and showed them my history of every gig i ever bought for personal use but still no valid respond from them.

I work on Upwork as well but never in my whole life i felt so helpless than i am talking to fiverr customer support.
i think many would agree that they don't really care about finding a solution for us or giving us any suggestion or even telling us what happened and what was the reason.
we seller never know what happened and why it happened as most of the time agent says "they cannot disclose any details" i heard this like milllon times.

anybody can come and place the order get the work done and then open a dispute and fiverr will give the buyer money back without even talking to seller or at least asking them what is the problem. this is a very common scam done by even VID sellers that i think fiverr has no idea because THEY DONT CARE


Fiverr if you are reading this please listen carefully and listen now because honestly you guys need to there is no other option! 

It only takes one crazy person to either mess or create a whole big vision. if you don't start giving a sh*t about your sellers you will be only left with buyers and nobody who is selling. 
many people are already shifting to new Upwork marketplace it wont take very long before you loose the trust of your long time loyal sellers like me.

Now i have nearly $11K worth of orders and first i was able to withdraw my funds now i cant even do that anymore.

i got more to say and i will keep on writing again.
thanks for reading means a lot and i know many of you wont agree with me but just imagine if you go to jail for a crime you didn't do then how would you feel ? 

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I feel bad for you and hope you will get a better solutions.

It seems that you are having a lot of experience in Fiverr. Sorry, at this rate I can't give any better suggestions. I think you have done all the best.

I just want to be in this forum thread to see how it comes. I am facing a similar situation, but the thing I can do is just keep working as good as I can.

But I'm still got Lucky than you, I'm not getting any violation warning, only all my gig has been pushed to the very back of every search page.

I have contacted support but they always come with the same answer, my gig is fine, everything is good, so I don't know what should I fix.

I hope everything will soon be good for all of us here and Fiverr can take Care of us seller better.

I hope your case will be resolved soon with a Solutions that you expected.

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On 7/14/2021 at 6:33 PM, maazstudio said:

"they cannot disclose any details" i heard this like milllon times.

I'm surprised you heard that so often and yet could earn such an amount and work on Fiverr for so long 😉 But jokes aside, that's indeed an issue for "the party on the receiving end" of a warning, strike, level demotion, stats drop, whatever, if they can't work out on their own what the actual issue is other than "ToS violation", or "some buyer wasn't happy with something". I agree that people hear it too often apparently, where probably at least sometimes, at least some clues could be given without infringing on the other party's privacy too much. I don't know why it is like this, perhaps lack of time for support staff to fine-tune responses more, perhaps they just think everyone should be able to work it out on their own if they try hard enough, perhaps something else.

In any case, it's also part of the reason that when we read such threads on the forum, we can't really take much of a stance, as we only hear one side, and don't know the details either. In some cases, after an opening post, more and more details do show up that explain quite well what happened and why, and often, why Fiverr was right with their warning, or ban, but in other cases, things simply remain unclear, and we're left wondering. 

On 7/14/2021 at 6:33 PM, maazstudio said:

this is a very common scam done by even VID sellers that i think fiverr has no idea because THEY DONT CARE

This right here is a bit contradictive; if they have no idea, you can't say they don't care.

From forum and other reading, I actually think that an unholy amount of sellers doesn't report stuff that should be reported, and let people exploit them out of fear of a bad review (I've no idea how often I've read "buyer threatens to report me/give a bad review if I don't do more work", but I've read it very often, and the majority of sellers isn't even on the forum at all), so they might indeed not have an idea how wide-spread some things are, and thus might not feel the need to (try to) do something about it.
Whether "Fiverr" actually cares, when they know, I guess depends on the empathy, work-ethics, time constraints, and guidelines of the person who takes care of the case, and that of the people above in the hierarchy, who will or won't have an idea of what is happening, depending on what information reaches them. 

I absolutely agree that they should care about finding solutions where things can't be solved between seller and buyer and that they should disclose as much detail as they can, without breaching a party's privacy.
Throughout the over 4 years I'm here, luckily, I was able to work out most issues with buyers myself, and I never got any warnings, mistakenly or otherwise, and when I had to contact support over issues, it took two or three attempts until they got me in a few cases, but I really can't complain otherwise. They did care at least enough to solve the issues at hand, unless it was some technical issue, bug, or whatever, that they couldn't solve in some cases (but which partly solved itself, or perhaps got solved through some later code updates or so), and from my interactions with some support staff, even if they may mostly use canned text blocks, I can't say I have the impression that they, as a whole, care less than people elsewhere, I've had far less satisfactory experiences with support staff elsewhere.

Sometimes, when reading the forum, or somewhere else, it seems as if different people experience different Fiverrs, different Fiverr realities; I don't know how much of that is due to personal attitude, world-view, and such, to preconditions, to what they think happened and what really happened, to Fiverr not caring, or even to good or bad luck, but it's an interesting phenomenon. 

For some, Fiverr is the best thing that ever happened to them and since sliced bread, for others, it's an uncaring entity that will drive everyone away to UpWork, or wherever else, for some, it's something in between. 

Well, that doesn't help you, I guess, just my musings. I hope that things will work out for you, and that your experience will change for the better if you keep working on this platform. I'm sure that pretty much everyone has the one or other thing on their wish list for how Fiverr could be better for them, and we actually got a few of our wishes fulfilled in the time I'm on the forum, for instance the ability to leave reviews for buyers, so there's always hope. I'm sure they do listen, but they also have their own agenda, of course, as most companies do, and also we as individuals do. 

I'm also hoping for a follow-up, it would be nice to hear how things will turn out for you. 

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On 7/14/2021 at 10:03 PM, maazstudio said:

anybody can come and place the order get the work done and then open a dispute and fiverr will give the buyer money back without even talking to seller or at least asking them what is the problem.

I am new to Fiverr but not new to graphic design industry (5+ years experience with 400+ clients). The above lines that I've quoted from your message is what exactly happened with me on my very first order here on Fiverr. In short, the buyer purchased my premium gig, I delivered first round of logo design options. Buyer didn't like them. And that's fine. It's very common in logo design and I'm very used to comfortable with it. So I asked the buyer what revision would he(or she) want. But buyer just said, he didn't like them. So I went ahead and created more logo options. And believe me, when I say I've worked with numerous clients, I know that what they will like on the revision. But again the buyer simply says "I don't like them." How can one help a client if he's not willing to give constructive feedback ? But yet, I tried again and offered to give more options requesting to give some idea and direction for revision or new options. but to my surprise, buyer simply went to dispute and requested for refund without giving any concrete reason. I was left with no option to but accept it as didn't see anything happening from the buyer side. So order got cancelled... my very first order, buyer got refund and I got negative ratings ! I reached out to Fiverr explaining things and requesting if this will hurt my ratings and they said yes it will hurt my ratings.

So it was more like the same experience. Buyer simply opened dispute, got his money back and Fiverr didn't even ask me about what was wrong !

But I would say that it happens. I'm still high in spirit as I gave my best, so repentance at my end. I'm very optimistic and soon, you'll see my profile buzzing with new orders and great reviews. Not all buyers are same. 😘

You're quite experienced than me here on Fiverr, so I wouldn't comment further, but wish you just all the best on getting your account back and sorting things out.

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One gig that might have been an issue with Fiver is the ebay review removal one. In the community standards they say:


Do not post, offer, or ask for:

Paid reviews

Positive or negative feedback on any product, service, or performance.

possibly (or one reason might be) because it could make the reviews biased, but saying "Get all your negative Ebay product reviews removed safely with a guaranteed result" and providing that service might make the reviews biased too - by removal all the negative ones and just leaving the positive ones, so Fiverr might have had an issue with that gig because of that.

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3 hours ago, uk1000 said:

so Fiverr might have had an issue with that

Well, considering the Amazon incident and ToS (eBay and Fiverr), I think it's safe to take the conjunctive out of that sentence...

That's exactly what I meant with "In some cases, after an opening post, more and more details do show up that explain quite well what happened and why, and often, why Fiverr was right with their warning, or ban". Of course, they could still spare themselves many angry or disappointed posts on the forum or elsewhere if they clearly told sellers "uh, sorry, but review removing services ain't cool, and you should've known" instead of just "ToS violation" or "can't tell you due to privacy reasons" in such cases. If it was like that, that is.

Although perhaps they got alarmed of the Gig by a customer complaining who got into trouble with eBay because of it, or because the guaranteed result didn't manifest, in which case maybe it was the privacy of the customer that their guidelines protect and not the privacy of eBay's or Fiverr's ToS, or any relevant laws or such.


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