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How to Withdraw Money from Fiverr - Fiverr Card

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Hi My name is Moiz, Founder of FoxSquare.

Today I am here to Give tips on a very common topic "How to withdraw money from Fiverr"

Its Really easy and after Reading this you will be laughing at your self for stressing out on such a easy thing 😛

So Coming to the point.

Basic Knowledge:

You should know that Fiverr Clears the money for withdrawal 14 days after the gig is marked complete.

Once the money is Clear for withdrawal it shows up in the Green Box at the top right of your Screen on the side of your name.

Once you see some Money there its ready for you to Cash it in (But dont be so fast…Keep Reading)

Fiverr Card:

Fiver Card is THE EASIEST WAY to withdraw money from your fiver account without any kind of trouble or excuses. And you can Order a fiverr Card even you dont have any money in your account yet.

Here is what you have to Do ot get the card in your hands:

1- Go to “Sales” Sections on the top.

2- Go to “Revenues” Section on the right side of the Sales page

3- Click "Fiverr Revenue Card"

4- Submit the information. (Your National ID or License Number is required, If you dont have it use your Parents)

5- Wait ! (Payoneer Will send you the Card in 3-7 days AT YOUR GIVEN ADDRESS)

And thats it it was that simple. You will get the Fiverr Card with in 3-7 days. Now what ? Now this.

What Do do after the Card is here.

1- Open the envelope

2- Be happy (i know you will be smiling like i did 😛 )

3- Peal the card off

4- Notice your name on it , and the Card number

5- Go to Payoneer.com and login with the login ID you submitted in the information.

6- Hit "Activate Card"

7- It will require the number on your card and a secret "Pin"

8- Submit those 2 things and hit "Active Card"

9- Do the Happy dance because you have a YOUR OWN ACTIVATED DEBIT CARD !

How to get Revenue from Fiverr to the card:

1- When you have a few dollars in your account lets say 50$ go again to “Revenues” section in "Sales"

2- Hit "Fiverr card"

3- Fiverr will send a email , go to hotmail/yahoo and open that email

4- It has a link , Click that “Continue” button

5- Payoneer will ask you if you want a Fast with in 2 hour Transfer (costs 5$) or a slow 2 days trasfer (cost 1$ - Recommended)

6- Wait again for the funds to transfer.

7- NOW you have REAL MONEY in your CARD !

What next! ? :

1-Goto a international bank.

2-Put card in

3-dial Pin


Tell me how your experience was in the comment box below 😃

Your Welcome in advance 😉

Your sincerely

If you REALLY want to thank me Please go to my Fiverr account and buy me a Tip 🙂 nothing feels better then someone’s appreciations from there heart ! 🙂

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Reply to @misstarah: Confirm that you give the correct Address , Usually the fiver card is Delivered before the mentioned date, And make sure you mention some famous place near your home/office where you want the card to deliver as the post man is a Citizen like you so it will be easy for him to find your home. (if your address is confusing)

Dont worry , your money wont be transferred until you Activate the card , and you can only do that when its in your hands , And activation charges are applied AFTER the card is activated too . So there is nothing for you to worry about 😉

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Yes ! , But only with the Companies who accept a Debit card from a different country. If you are from US you can use it anywhere you like , as Fiverr cards are made in US (i think) 🙂

Sheriff’s Note: Your name next to your icon is a link to your gigs. It is not necessary to place the link in your posts.

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Thank you, would you say the Fiverr card is the easiest way to collect fiverr earnings as apposed to paypal or other methods? I just started so I haven’t set up any such accounts just yet. Though this seems like the way to go.

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@davescheid If you already have a Paypal account then Paypal will be Better , but if you dont have a Paypal account and you dont want to use it in the future as well. Then Fiverr card will be the best option.

As its easy to use Fiverr card and its Simple and works just as your Debit card so Fiverr card is always Recommended 🙂

Sheriff’s Note: Your name next to your icon is a link to your gigs. It is not necessary to place the link in your posts.

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Hi @foxsquare

I am new in Fiverr. And I am from Bangladesh. Though I am 18 years old, I haven’t got my National ID card yet.

Now can I use my parent’s ID to open account in Payoneer and for getting fiverr card ?

Will it troubles me in future to withdraw money?

Note that Payoneer supports my country. But I am worrying about that, if Payoneer can deliver the card to my address. Should I contact with Payoneer about this?

Sorry for my huge questions.

Thanks. 🙂

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hello thanks for your suggestions.iam new to fiverr and i recently got one order which costs 5$ but in my revenues its showing that i vil be getting $4 after completion of my order.can you please tell me for what that 14 is deducted from my account?and can i collect that money via paypal or do i need to wait till i accumulate minimium amount?if i have to accumulate what is the minimum amount that is available to withdraw?thanks in advance

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