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About buyer complaint!


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I would like to discuss that nearly a month before, I had worked for a buyer where as agreed upon it ended up with a satisfactory note by both the participants. But now the buyer is threatening me to edit the work again, or he will defame me by making a complaint against me.  

now the editing work is greatly time consuming, so kindly suggest me what should I do in this case.

please help!

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8 minutes ago, thewritingbuff said:

The order has been completed and approved by the buyer. He cannot pressurise you to work for him again unless he makes a new order. I don't think his case against you has any backing

I told him that as much as possible,I will do but he said do(edit) whole work again. Which takes near about 2 weeks. Other wise I will complaint against you on Fiverr. 

If he do this then what happen??

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Well, let's start with the basics here:

- Do you have in your Gig anywhere - "Money Back Guarantee"?

- Do you have "Unlimited Revisions"

- Do you have in your Gig anywhere - "100% Customer Satisfaction"?

- Do you have anywhere in your Gig statements to the effect that you are not happy until they (the buyer) are happy?

If you have any of the above, you pretty much dug your own grave here. Especially if you offer unlimited revisions.

Now, the REALITY is, if the order has already been delivered, rated and closed, there is not a lot the buyer can do to you. Their "threats" are just that - much like a dog barking but won't bite - they are trying to scare you into working for 2 weeks FREE because, well, they are going to "Tell on you". OK. Go tell on me then.

This is called blackmail and you should not tolerate it. Do NOT revise whatever all over for free. You are under NO obligation (unless, of course, any of your Gigs have the above phrases). You can write to customer service


and explain the situation and include the buyers correspondence to show they are trying to scare you into doing free work or they will get you in "trouble".

I would then go to this buyer's profile and BLOCK them. You do NOT need them ordering from you again and certainly do not need anymore of their threatening messages.

Now, be aware, there are some real jerks out there who if you do not bend to their whims will try to cancel an order (even if it is months old) and sometimes, they are actually successful.

So, all depends on if you have those "promises" above in your Gig(s), especially the one they bought from.



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