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Creating a similar gig in a different category?


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Hi Fiverr friends,

Here's the situation: I started a gig for product animation under the category "animated gifs". I've been really happy with my experience on Fiverr and managed to work on a lot of great projects since November 2020. I realized sometime this year, that my service is actually best suited to the "Short Video Ads" category, as I make fun video ads for clients looking to advertise their product or business on social media platforms. "Animated GIFs" doesn't really describe what I do, which are full-length, creative ads (which is what the people want!). 

I understand that duplicating a gig is against ToS and just not a responsible thing to do. However, I also know it's not possible to change ones category. I'm curious if anyone else has had this experience, and after some time on Fiverr, they went about changing their gig, or creating a new gig and modifying the old one? I've thought about changing the current gig to something other than video ads (so maybe just short animations) - and creating a new gig, but all the gig portfolio gig examples on the current gig are of video ads...ah! Can I use projects created on one gig in the promo video for another gig?

I'm not sure what to do. I definitely want to create more gigs as I only have one and I feel like I can really expand my services, but not sure what the right thing to do is.

Thank you everyone!

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I would be very careful about trying to significantly change the fundamental service offered in a gig. The portfolio examples that already exist could cause confusion that might hurt any notably altered gig. If you cannot move the gig, then I recommend starting a new gig for the new category, and keeping the success from the current gig right where it is.

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