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Weird Thing



I had some requests for write about raping women, one order for a counselor, and no feedback yet from Fiverr.

And tons of other requests of other things that were books. But nobody bought anything yet even after I gave them a price.

I realized that I'm not going to be afraid of some pranks.

But still reported these incidents earlier today and they still keep on.

Maybe same person?


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What i understood is you are getting requests but once you let them know about the price, no feed back. Then there should be a problem with your price and the buyer can find some other sellers to full-fill his/her request with lower price than you. When pricing the gig you must research the market price to price the gig.

When i see your gigs for example one gig is for "I will can do small edits" starting price is  $ 200 it is too high comparing to other sellers. i can find pro-verified sellers are there for $ 100 starting price and, TOP rated sellers are the for $ 30 starting price.

And you are with 0 reviews for your gigs there for you have to reduce your price at the starting, till you get first few reviews and once the customers understood about your quality of the service then you can increase the price.

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irshan_cool and mariashetelle1 I was referring to the content of what the buyer request was requesting. All I have to do now is take a screenshot

and they'll look into it some more. I send the actual price they want but they never return with buying anything either.

And since being a victim it's hard really to be sent stuff that reminds you of trauma.

But I wanted to be sure they know it's out in public and I'm not afraid.


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