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Fiverr Revision Scam


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So I started Fiverr a few months ago and my first ever client made my currently biggest order of 75$ to set-up game servers. I got all the information that I needed and started on the gig. Now, it was a larger order as there were basically 4 separate orders in one so I spent quite a bit of time on it.

The order itself was pretty straight forward and it was related to tech, there was absolutely no subjective work in it. I just needed to set-up something for him and there was nothing about design or anything which could cause me an issue. 

I gave him the order and kept him updated at every stage, he didn't reply but I still did it. I finished the 5 day order in like 3 days and I sent it to him. After like just over 2 days, he requested for a revision. I was s bit surprised as I had checked everything and it was working perfectly before I sent it to him, but I went and checked it again and like before, it worked properly. There were no issues. I recorded everything and I sent him the video. It clearly showed everything working and its not possible for it to be not clear. KEEP IN MIND HE DID NOT GET ON AND TRY TO CONTACT ME AT ANY POINT AFTER THE GIG REQUIREMENTS.

After 2 more days, he asked for another revision. I contacted Fiverr support to which they said that they can't force customers to buy a gig if they are unsatisfied. I explained to them that the order has been delivered and he is already using it, there aren't any issues with my order. I gave him everything he needed. The support agent sent another email saying how this is what freelancing is and the customer isn't satisfied. THE CUSTOMER IS USING WHAT I PROVIDED HIM and this is an extremely objective gig, there is nothing for him to be not satisfied in. I gave the support agent all the proof he needed and I asked him to check my chats with him because the customer wasn't responding to any of my messages.


I don't know what to do know as I already spent my time and money on this and Fiverr support is being extremely unhelpful. There is nothing for him to be unhappy about.


EDIT: This was a custom order which almost all my orders are, I did not include any revisions as I always check and make sure my gigs are what I described and usually there is no need. Is there anyway I can limit revisions or make it paid revisions to stop future incidents?

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2 hours ago, leannelrivers said:

You can add additional paid revisions or include none at all. Unfortunately, buyers can continue to requests them until the cows come home. An update on the site would really help this. 

There should be a provision where after a buyer exhausts their n number of free revisions as specified in the order contract, the system automatically charges the buyer for the paid revisions. 

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Just now, corsogr said:

I mean, if a buyer requests revisions forever and a seller delivers the revisions forever, it's a question of who will step back and turn to CS or resolution center.

I see but won't it affect the seller any how? The buyer could report him, saying he didn't provide quality work or give a bad-1-star review, which would then be really unfair to the seller.

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10 hours ago, trainedpro said:

Is there anyway I can limit revisions or make it paid revisions to stop future incidents?

Yes! It is this nifty word called, "NO!"

It has prevented many from becoming a doormat in life. Professionally or otherwise.

Unless you have in your Gig something to the effect that you offer 100% Guaranteed Satisfaction or Unlimited Revisions (which sounds as though you do not), this "buyer" can kick rocks when it comes to revising the order.

What you do is next time they want a change is, you explain very nicely and professionally that their revision is not included within the scope of their original order and that you will need to charge them X amount of $ to fix whatever they say is wrong. Then, if you want to, proceed to make another Custom Offer with whatever you would charge to revise or fix what they need done.

There is a good thread on the forums about boundaries. You may want to do a search for it.


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