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In order to get a better idea of what the frequently asked questions are, you can also look at competitors in the field of the different gigs. Do a bit of research and maybe write down what you encounter. Then pick and choose what you believe is relevant and most importantly answer them using your own words. Never copy the questions + answers exactly, only use it for inspiration.

And as @theratypistsays just put yourself in the buyer's shoes, what could they want to know or would be important for them to know? 

Good luck!

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6 hours ago, sandrahougnton said:

Can anyone suggest me how to write eye catchy gig title to get more order.

Great gig titles do not guarantee more orders. The content of your gig/service is the best determination of how well a gig will do. Offer a service that your target customers need. No one is going to hire you, unless you have a great service that matches their needs.

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First of all buyer don't wanna read your gig title, first impression come through the gig thumbnail... simple logic. so you should create a eye catching gig thumbnail not even gig title.

Title can be a gig tags ground, you can play wiht advanced tags in title segment.😊

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