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my gig is first page but no impression, click

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First of all welcome to join Fiverr community forum

Now let's talk about work.

It is not possible to achieve anything easily. You have to be patient to achieve something because patience is at the root of success and if you improve your own work skills then you will see that you will be successful.

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"t-shirt mocku design" is your targeted keyword? 

I am searching on Fiverrbut this keyword is not Fiverr suggested. So please try to take a Fiverr suggested keyword that's buyers search on Fiverr. 

You can also follow these tips as a  newbie


In my opinion, if you are a new seller on fiverr you can create 7 gig. So you will create gigs with low competition keyword, it ranks on the fiverr first page.

  1. Create 7 gigs on your services
  2. Must be online most of the time.
  3. Send 10 buyer requests per day.
  4. Proper on page seo of your gig .
  5. Seek to improve your product quality over time.
  6. Learn from your competitors and what they are doing.
  7. Above all, be patient and be honest.

Thanks you 💗

You can also read Fiverr Blog

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4 hours ago, web_dev_sumon said:

What can he do now? if he edit her gig,he will lose gig rank! what is the right solution?

When you revise a gig it can disappear from the search for up to 48 hours. However, I had a friend who edited his gig and got an order from a new buyer 2 hours later. 

Plus, if the gig image is not getting orders because it does not have 3 or 4 bold words describing his service and he corrects the image and then gets orders, it will be worth losing his place in the search. 

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