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TOS is your friend. An actual tip for success, and you can still sleep.


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It seems that the most used line in the forum is "How can I get sales", followed closely by, dozens of questions as to whether you can have 2 accounts, can sell reviews, exchange email addresses, or phone numbers, use s***e, etc.....

Along with the "tips" that are relevant to creating an attractive gig, I think it is worth looking at the TOS especially if you are new.  I understand that reading every word is about as exciting as reading the software license for Windows 10, but just scanning it and learning the major points will keep you from making rookie mistakes if new.  This also keeps you from getting warnings or outright bans. You can get the gist in 10 minutes scaning the topics, and it will keep you from sabotaging yourself.

Follow TOS reccomendations, and be happy. If it is not in TOS, stop worrying about bogus advice, like:

Never sleep, stay online 24/7,

Post to the forum every thread with "Thanks" or "OK Brother"

Get the last word on every inbox message.

Revisions go against your delivery deadline and cause you to be late.   


The best part is that you make yourself a more successful, informed seller.  And as a bonus, you don't look like a noob in the forums when you ask, "Is it ok to sell nuclear warheads on fiverr."




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