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How I became a level 2 seller - some tips for you. [ARCHIVED]


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Hi everyone,

I wanted to take a moment to share my fiverr story.

I started selling my keyword research service on Dec 16.

Within 2 days, i hit my 10th sale and became level 1 seller

Today, 15 days later, i just got an order for my 50th sale and became a level 2 seller with 100% gig rating.

I work 60 hours a day as a chef and have 2 small kids but somehow because of the extra time during the holidays i managed to do about 5 orders a day.

I’m telling you all of this because:

  1. I wanted to thank some of the forum fiver members who contributed to their tips and advice, i could not have done this without your help. so thank you!!!

  2. Provide you with motivation that if i can do this anyone can.

Here are some tips that come to my mind:

  • place a video of your fiverr gig from day1. i believe this was the main reason i started getting orders right away without any history.

  • listen to other successful fiverr sellers who are willing to give you advice in this forum (again, i took this advice to heart and really applied some of the tips being offered here)

  • do anything to help make your gig stand out especially if you are in a saturated niche…offer a bonus, make your gig an express gig, and use all of the description word count to explain your services. Use all of your tags too btw.

  • be good with communicating with your customers and over deliver!

  • Treat your fiverr account like a business, keep fiver happy and keep your customers happy and be a good steward to the fiverr community.

I can’t believe i’m giving out advice after only being a fiver seller for 15 days. Somehow my heart says that someone might be able to benefit from this.

thank you!

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Hi jayapatel,

Thanks for the tips, I think we really need to get a video happening ASAP for our gig. A personal introduction would really make a difference I think.

I think another tip would be to leave positive feedback for the buyer as well after they’ve left their positive feedback.




PS: Any other pointers you can give for our gigs specifically?

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Express Gig is the key. People will give a new gig a try just based on it being completed quickly. Once you build up a lot of feedback, you can then slow it down. I got to 1000 positives on my logo gig based on completing the gig in under 24 hours. And I did this before “Express” was a true option on Fiverr.

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