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I am new seller in fiverr

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Welcome to Fiverr Format. As a New Seller, all you have to do is send ten daily buyer requests in a unique way and try to stay active on Fiber for 12 to 16 hours. We hope you will order very soon.

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3 hours ago, ashadul_haque_ said:


I am new seller in fiverr. Give me tips.I wish I could get orders on Fiverr and be a successful seller.


Welcome to the Fiverr Community.

Now, I am not capable to give you the best tips because I am a newbie.

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4 minutes ago, azizhossain9147 said:

welcome to fiverr forum. best wishes to you

1. Active more time on fiverr

2. Create a eye-catchy and good quality gig

3. Share your gig on social media

4. Send 10 buyer request everyday

5. Keep patience


I don't know why people give this type of wrong advice on new seller.

your 1,2,5 point absolutely right but 3,4 have some problem. Social media people not potential customers because most of case they are our friends and family and most of new seller send randomly buyer request and that's a big problem. we should send  buyer request, which I can do perfectly.

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Welcome to Fiverr. I might wish to say that somethings it will take time to urge your first order. you have got a twiddling  my thumbs for this. Never Loose hope. any attempt to buyer request sent daily. this may get the order.


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