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Review Doubt

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Hey Guys, 

I have a small doubt.

I am seller. If I got an order & order completed successfully, & if my buyer reviewed,
Is it must to review for my buyer to show his review on my work?

If I don't wanna review back to that buyer, Will his review appear on my profile?

Please let me know

Thank You

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You must review the buyers first in order to see his feedback instantly. It’s like a blind feedback system.

The thing is that you are not supposed to review the buyer based on his. You can be genuine here. You can rate him accordingly how you felt while working with the buyer. That’s what the buyer does the same. 

However, it’s not a big deal, if you really have patience, you can wait for a week or two and the reviews will be shown up there automatically . 

You can find more about it at


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