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Any simple method of exporting orders/messages data?

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Dear Developers of this wonderful platform Fiverr, can you create something that will help to export (save) data related to completed orders? May be you can add a setting in our profile, something like a check-box “send all the order data by e-mail upon completion”. Or add some button to do it manually, or add this button to a “My Shopping” list. Or maybe export all the data related to some seller (all of the orders completed + conversation) in some form of PDF/HTML report. Any possibility will be greatly appreciated.

I have few hundreds of orders completed by various sellers, many times (especially with SEO gigs) ordered tasks are pretty much similar. For example, if you are promoting some specific site for a particular set of keywords you are going to use them in all possible sorts of gigs (youtube, facebook, social signals, blogs, wheels, god knows what else)… And after some time it become really difficult to find orders related to some specific project. It is good if you remember the seller who did some specific task in the past, you can go to profile, find a list of completed orders, open each and find the one you are looking for, but that takes time. Time is money.

The thing is - I can’t find a working tactic to optimize this process! All I came up with - open each order as separate tab and save them to disk with some browser plugin (but think of doing that for at least one hundred pages).

I am sure many sellers will be interested in this type of functionality. Plus that should reduce the workload on server where Fiverr is running on (once exported, there will be no need to return to completed orders that often).

Everyone is welcome to share their experience/ideas/recommendations on how to deal with data hidden deep in history of completed orders.

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