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How to get orders?


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Hi, Fiverr's freelancers, I hope you all are healthy and well. Please help me to get some orders on Fiverr. As you know in a new seller. So, I know a little knowledge about Fiverr. I know you guys are very knowledgeable people on Fiverr. Please help me to increase my Gig's orders. Give me some tips & tricks. How to increase my Gig's order?

Here a sample of my Gig > https://www.fiverr.com/share/gxKa1X 
((( Please visit it and give me some tips ))) 

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Hi there..

On 7/12/2021 at 6:54 AM, leannelrivers said:

I think your gig would benefit from more work samples of your logos.

First.., I agree with @leannelrivers.

You need to show more of your portfolios. Don't be lazy to do this.

Second.., Your gigs descriptions is very poor. You clearly didn't know what to put on this sections.

Why you put " Premiere, Blender, After Effect? It's doesn't suit with your services.

"How my experience is" section is like a pun. How many times do you need to repeat "works"

WHY You put "ABOUT ME" on your gig description? We only need to put on the Profiles. NOT on Gigs description.


Overall..., with your current gigs and work quality.., you will have a hard time getting order.



Try to learn from "Fiverr Learn" section. There is 1 lesson you can get for free.., about building a successful Gigs.


On your pack:

Basic, Standart,

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