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How to get orders?

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24 minutes ago, jonbaas said:

What actions are you taking to connect to your target customers, and convince them to hire you? What business goals are you working to achieve?

I am sending 10 buyer request with my highest efforts. Whenever a buyers knock me, I try to provide them free sample so that they can get know my skills. 

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1 hour ago, samiaislam26 said:

It is very depressing that I am working really hard everyday, but I am not getting orders 😞 I have 7 gigs in my profile. Any suggestion from expert? 

Kind regards


You have before understand buyer requirement after then will be to send buyer request. 

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Getting found on Fiverr via their search is tricky and you can’t really wait for it. It’s because the search results keep on changing for the same keyword on every click.

So, you can’t rely on that, especially if you are a beginner on Fiverr.

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34 minutes ago, sarfarazparvezk said:

Hi Samia, Good Things comes to people who are patient, worry not as you'll surely get an order soon Keep trying until you succeed. I'm sure every new member in Fiverr had to go through the same experience. 👍 All the best.

thanks a lot ❤️ 

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After this pandemic, everyone goes online, and the freelance industry got a big boost. Your profile seems a little older, and your work is looking good as well. At this time, you can rely on buyer requests, but your profile may struggle there. It is hard to gain the buyer's trust in the initial days, and you've to work hard to make your online presence different from others.

Well, there is no hard and fast rule, just using the fundamentals of designing that you are using in your designs can improve your gigs ranking. Most designers always want to solve designing problems for their clients, but how many times have they worked on their own branding, very rare. So, start focusing on your own branding can make a difference here.

Improve your gig image design, make them more unique and don't forget to work on the content that you are using for your profile and gigs. Fiverr algorithm changing very quickly, and you can't use old gig ranking improvement tips here. They may work, but there is no guarantee.

Sharpen your skill everyday , and I guarantee that something great will happen very soon for you.

All the best and stay healthy.

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1. Fiverr Buyer Requests

This is a smart feature that Fiverr has included. It’s a great help for beginners to get started.

This is where you take advantage. You offer your services for a lesser price than your competition. This is mandatory!

To establish yourself on Fiverr, you will have to offer your services far more cheaper than others. This is the only way. Once you start getting more orders, you can eventually increase your price.

2. Giving Something For Free

People like getting something for free. So, if you provide a service on Fiverr, try over delivering it or offering a Buy 1-get-1.

I can guarantee you that people will start buying from you especially if you provide a “buy one get one free” offer.

3. Provide a Compelling Description

Gig descriptions need to be well structured and should be on point. The buyer should understand what exactly is the thing that you are selling.

Break your paragraphs and do it in bullet points. This can make people read your description.

Also, look out for spelling and grammar mistakes, you don’t want that to happen if you are selling services like content writing and other writing related stuffs.

4. Adding a Video in Your Gig

Video can increase the engagement rate of a Gig. It’s very true because I have seen myself playing some videos when looking for gigs on Fiverr.

Hire a freelancer to do a short video for your gig. You can find these services on Fiverr itself.

If you can do it yourself, then that would be much better!

5. Create Related Gigs not “Same Gigs”

I have seen a lot of Fiverr freelancers doing this. They create many gigs but with different headlines like “create a unique website”, “Create an Awesome website”, “Create a responsive website”. The Fiverr team has itself confirmed that doing this will not increase your ranking and rather can have a negative impact.

So, instead of doing this try providing related services. If you are a web developer, you can offer something like “Create a website”, “Fix errors in Your Website”, “Add additional Functionalities to Your website”.

This will let you gain more exposure because all the three gigs target different keywords and you are more likely to get an order from any one of them.

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