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Good Impressions, good Clicks, But less orders.


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Guest mhihamidul

The first order of business is to define some of the key terms that are frequently used in your stats.

Impressions – This is where all of online advertising begins, and likely where you’ll see the highest numbers because an impression is generated every time a web page is loaded and viewed. Keep in mind that just because the ad was displayed doesn’t mean that the visitor intentionally read it or even paid any attention to it; the term “impression” simply means that the ad was displayed on the page.

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Pls focus on your description & the price.

You have got good impression & click it's means your gig Title & image are enough good.

But there some problem in the description & price.

So write the best description & give the friendly price.

Thank you

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On 7/12/2021 at 12:45 AM, iservicespro said:

What can be the problem here

What problem are you referring to? I wish I could read minds, but, alas, I cannot. 

On 7/12/2021 at 12:45 AM, iservicespro said:

Good Impressions, Good Clicks, But very limited buyers who start the conversation.

Good impressions are good. You gain them -- on Fiverr, only -- when someone searches for gigs like yours in the Fiverr search system or services catalog.

Clicks are good as well. You gain those when someone finds your gig -- on Fiverr -- and clicks on it to learn more. If no one is clicking on your gig, then, perhaps, your gig is not appealing to the right people.

Limited buyers is not the problem. Limiting yourself to thinking it is, is the problem. There are plenty of buyers on Fiverr. Perhaps you are not taking solid steps to connect to the buyers who want what you have to offer. Fiverr is not a get-rich-quick website. You are going to have to be a doer -- someone who takes action -- in order to earn each and every order. 

Fiverr's brand tagline is, "In Doers We Trust". This phrase tells you exactly what needs to happen if you want to succeed here. It also tells you exactly who Fiverr thinks could be successful on this site. If you are not a doer, then Fiverr does not trust that you have the right mindset to succeed. Fiverr wants doers. Be a doer, take responsibility for your own success (instead of just expecting orders to appear when you want them), and take the steps necessary to exceed the business goals you have, hopefully, set for yourself.

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Hi, I am coaching fiverr since 2 years, I have seen many cases like that.

I can sort out your problem into 3 sections which I am writing below, hopefully you will get your answer.

Problem1: "We are getting impressions but no clicks"

Solution: work on your title and gig image

Problem2: "We are getting impressions and clicks but buyer don't contact"

Solution: Make changes in your gig description, make it clear (no confusing text) Use one price means one package, in many cases I found the price packages were confusing and buyers come to gig and don't understand which package is suitable for their need.

Problem3: "We are getting impressions, clicks and also contacted by buyer but no orders"

Solution: It means you have to be matured in your communication level, and you have to become master in your skills. You are not doing what you are selling mean what you have promised in your gig that you are not doing as per your words. For instance if you have written that you will provide a vector logo file and when the buyer come to you in your inbox then you fails to show him anything like what you have promised.

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56 minutes ago, ariana_anjum said:

Keep Patience

@ariana_anjum this time is not to keep patience but he should do more work.

I say when you don't have any order that is the time that you can use to enhance your skills.

Freelancers have not time to look at themselves but when they get time they should make themselves more powerful and more skilled, in his case what I think is that he is not a good communicator and secondly he is not well in his skills!

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On 7/12/2021 at 11:15 AM, iservicespro said:

Hi Seller Community,


What can be the problem here, Good Impressions, Good Clicks, But very limited buyers who start the conversation.

Where is the loop hole?


Expert Advise needed.


problem isn't there! you need be consistent & connected with the platform in order to get your first order on fiverr.

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Good impressions on fiverr - You will get the impressions when someone searches gig like yours & it shows up in front of buyers via fiverr systems.

Good click on fiverr - Clicks are very important factor on fiverr in order to gain engagement. If someone clicks your gigs to learn more about your services then you'll have more chances to get message from those buyers. If your gig is not appealing to the buyer then perhaps no one 'll click the gig that means you aren't reaching to the right people.

Very Limited Buyers - I think there is a misconception about the word "limited". Nothing is limited untill or unless you set your mind to the limited boundary, There are many buyers on fiverr platform are searching for the right experts or freelancers, its upto you how you attract them to your expertise.

Fiverr is one of the successful freelance  platform where they want committed doers like yours who are engaged with community, solving buyers problems & boosting the fiverrs mission to grow and build the dreams of every businesses.

Fiverr always say, DONT JUST DREAM. DO WITH US. iF YOU ARE CURIOUS, ENTHUSIASTIC & COMMITTED WITH THE FIVERR then you're achieving your goals to be succeeded on the fiverr.

It's not about the overnight success its all about the how you're representing yourself and what you're ;learning to be succeed on the fiverr.

Do work on the best and hopefully you'll get results soon.

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