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Fiverr is the best freelance platform in the world. do you know?

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Hello, I am a Graphic Designer.
Today we will talk about Fiverr. Fiverr is the best platform for buyers and sellers because it's very sensitive. You can't cheat here. trusted payment method. And you can't spam and scam here.
Fiverr is the best online freelance platform. 
This platform is very important for Buyers and sellers.
I'm sorry if I'm wrong 🙏
Thank you❤️

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6 hours ago, sohaghossen99 said:

I'm sorry if I'm wrong 🙏

I mean - if even you think you might be wrong, why post about it?

That aside, yes - Fiverr, as a whole is a decent platform. It's not perfect, nor is it the best it could be (scam and spam are rampant, too, but that's the internet for you...) but saying it's the best is a bit of an exaggeration (or delusion). 

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