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My Fiver profile didn't show on the webpage

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It's not showing your profile in the "search user names" option but no one can order a gig from you yet as you have no active gigs. You need to publish one before someone can order from you. If you clicked "publish" on a gig maybe it's still waiting to be approved.

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just wanted to see my profile on the website.

If you just want to see how your profile looks to users you can select the "preview public mode" option on the profile when you're logged in or you can go to fiverr.com/yourusername in a logged out browser to see how it looks to users.

It shows the "search usernames" option when you search in the normal search bar but there there are no results, then it says "no services found - get a free quote" or "search usernames for: [what you searched for]"

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