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My Gig got negative reviews

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One reviewer said the resume didn't match how the samples looked and the other seller who gave a lower rating mentioned the language barrier/punctuation/spelling.

If you keep that resume gig if you have resume templates that you can use (if you have the rights) that are like the samples it might be better to use them like one reviewer wanted. And double check the spelling/grammar too. eg. you could check it with software that checks the spelling/grammar and check it against how the buyer has written things (eg. like their details). eg. you could check it in something like Word or maybe use Grammarly like some sellers do.

Another option is to pause the gig that is getting the lower ratings and concentrate on gigs you think would have a higher chance of a higher rating/eg. where you have the most skills in.

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Buyers usually don't leave negative reviews if they received a good service because at the end of the day, they do not gain anything leaving you a negative review. So it's more appropriate to learn from their reviews as one buyer said, 


Resume provided from seller did not match quality of the samples provided in profile.

It has to be a fact right? 🤔

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Why customers will write negative review ? If they are not satisfied with the work, or work as not described, or with miss communications ..etc. You did a good job for 7 orders and had great reviews from all nine orders. 

Now you have to rectify what errors you made for these 2 bad reviews, and find the corrective actions to avoid these in your future orders. Thats what someone told "Every Failure Leads to Success".

Success comes through rapidly fixing our mistakes rather than getting things right first time.


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