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Does it effect your seller rating if you report too many buyers?


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I reported a buyer just now, because he is another scammer. My question is, if you report too many buyers so they cannot contact you, does your seller rating get effected?

It’s amazing what some buyers will try to do. This buyer keeps insisting that he paid me for a gig and sent me this screenshot to prove he’s a Fiverr buyer. Fiverr is not starbucks!

It is just funny. I needed to post this to give other sellers a good laugh.


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I would like to give a Suggestion on this and I believe many will agree with me!

I am not a Seller yet, But As I can read and browse daily for several Gig services, I like to read first the Negative feedback, that Buyers leave.

Unfortunately, more than 90% of the Buyers feedback, are intentionally harmful. And their main purpose is clear enough, just to harm the Seller’s reputation.

Anybody can understand when a negative feedback is within the framework of fair judgement and reasonable thought. But in most cases this doesn’t apply.

So, I would suggest to Add a “Feedback box” for Buyers also!

This is very crucial for other Sellers, to avoid such a bad Buyers experience in the future. From Buyers who are not serious and just want to make fun of other’s people’s hard efforts.

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