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Low My Gig Impressions and Click


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So I'm not super good at design work/etc. but I feel like your gig image could be improved - it just feels very cluttered and some of the text is hard to read. It could be throwing people off (since when you think of ads/ad campaigns you're thinking of someone who at least know how to choose the right pictures for ads - or at least that's what I think!

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2 hours ago, mdhabibur3699 said:

Hello, Fiverr Community

My Fiverr gig has become a fast gig on the fast page, but I haven't received any orders yet. If you know the reasons, please let me knowns.

Gig NO-1

Gig NO-2

Gig No-3


Thanks, All

Please take care of your spelling. Also, make your gig picture more attractive and easy to read. Spelling mistake is not professional. Also, you have to wait for some time. Be patience.

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Hello, Fiverr Community,
  I am MD Habibur Rahman. I am a new seller of Fiverr. I have five gigs, I am currently seeing my gig clicks, Impressions is decreasing how can one increase please help me.

Chack my gig::

I will create, promote and manage your Facebook and Instagram ads

I will set up and menage your Facebook and Instagram ads campaign

I will create setup and management your google ads adwords PPC campaigns

I will laser target the perfect audience with your facebook ads

I will create organic traffic and grow fb page likes and followers


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