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It appears your SEO words are not working to help rank your gigs. 🤔 

1 hour ago, expert_seo7king said:

also day by my gig rank decrease.

Fiverr lessens search page exposure for gigs that are not preforming well. 


1 hour ago, expert_seo7king said:

suggest me what the problem ? I want know ...please replay 

I looked at your profile. Problems I see: ⬇️

1. Your gig images are cut off on each side. Find out the proper size to use for gig thumbnails—I do not know what that is/

2. Your Instagram gig image is hard for me to look at! The colors are too bright and there is too many words making your gig image overwhelming. If I were a buyer I would not even click on that gig image. You need to simplify it, by taking out most of the words and saying in 4 to 5 words what your services are. Buyers do not have time to read all of the words you have on the image. Neither do they bother to read the wording below the image. 

3. Apply the information from number 2 to all of your gigs. Right now are making it difficult for your buyer to know what you sell. 

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