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Anyone working on wordpress through ftp or file manager?

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Hi there, I starting to work on Fiverr recently, and I am going to add more gigs, and I wanted to know if the clients are fine if we work from the file manager or through ftp. Recently, the clients I had gave me the access to the dashboard,but  as the time goes, I'm getting better with php, and working from the file manager is way more convenient. It enables to have more control on what we want to edit, and it takes out the pressure from a typing error because from the file manager, troubleshooting is easy to resolve. Whereas, if there is a typing error in a file such as functions.php, and working from the dashboards, it sucks. Then, we have to ask the client to access the file manager , and if the client is not responsive, it's not going to be funny. What about your experience, guys? Do you work from the dashboard when you have to do PHP coding?

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On 7/13/2021 at 9:26 AM, digitalavinash said:

You can try File Manager plugin to code manually and make backup of file first. 
you can also copy paste whole file in your own editor and edit code so no coding error will occur. 

Thanks for your contribution, I really appreciate that. I will have keep asking clients to get access to their folders. Meanwhile, I will try this plugin, if it's possible to set the files permissions and ownership through this plugin, it would be great

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