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Effective buyer request criteria.

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A quick, straightforward greeting and introduction followed by a concise restatement of the client’s core need or problem.
A clear statement that tells clients that you can solve their problem and that you can start right away.
A short pitch, preferably two to three sentences, telling the prospective client exactly why you’re an excellent fit for the job.
A brief but detailed description of the methods and processes you’ll use to approach the project and provide excellent service.
Attachments such as relevant documents, files of sample works, or links to your portfolio demonstrating your past projects related to the client’s needs.

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  • 1. Read the Project Description completely
  • 2. Keep your cover letter description clean and simple
  • 3. Specify your offer
  • 4. make sure you are available today
  • 5. Don’t send a copy or same cover letter for all client
  • 6. Bid with an average price
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1. Try read the project description carefully

2. Don't say to much about you describe about project and how you will work

3. Keep your letter description clean and simple.

4. Give some free offer that will attract

5. Don’t send a same cover letter

6. Bid with average price you can effort

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