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First time facing fake buyer

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1 hour ago, coderboss said:

Don't cancel it from your side, contact customer support ASAP.

Already accepted because while he send cancel Order when delivery time past already 6 hours.

It was my first order 🤐🤐 then I'm a new seller couldn't take right step. 

But the order has been canceled for 4 days. What will be benefit now of customer support?

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13 hours ago, salmansharif5 said:

Some time it's happen so we need to careful and smart to avoid cancellation. Be happy some one say, if anything bad happen don't be sad or disappoint, learn from it and go forward. Be happy  


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On 7/9/2021 at 6:25 PM, spark_home said:

He contact me with his top buyer account.At the same time he knock his another account and said both account are mine. So can send offer this account. But I'm don’t understand he is a fake buyer because.. His top buyer area shows is... Czech Republic.. And his Another account shows Area.. Nigeria...

He gave me a website but his hosting server doesn’t work I'm inform him but no benefit. But when delivery time is 2 hours server is okay then I'm mostly try and complete his work. And submit order but he didn’t accept and cancel the ordered. 

So every new seller should be concern to confirm order. 

Thanks for shearing your a bad experience with fake buyer its very helpful for newcomer and im also a new seller on fiverr

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