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The Fiverr VID Buyers

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I'm from KaruZone. Its a nice journey since 2016. I learn a lot. Deal with Many Clients Globally.

So long Story in short : Its really a platform for the passionate doers. 

But some times I feel helpless when a client can't able to understand my feelings through message. That will a difficult moment to solve the client issues and make the project complete successfully. But at the end of the day after a long conversation able to make it possible. 

Some clients want to talk with me during the project, to discuss more about that. But That was not possible before. because in Fiverr  that was not possible to talk with client. But now in days fiverr introduce this VID program for clients. Within this program if my client  be a part of VID , then I can easily connect with them via fiverr voice call and video call. Now the problem solve easily within few minutes discussion. Its a amazing feature. I love it.  This make my life simple and smooth. 

Thank you,
and eagerly waiting to listen from you guyes. How you feel about VID Program 🙂

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