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How can I keep my gig working after achieving level 1?


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Hi Fiverr. 

I hope everyone is in good health and safe. 

I am here to seek help regarding my gigs. 

As a new seller my gigs were ranking and were doing great. However, now as a level 1 seller, my gigs get almost no impressions neither do they get any clicks. Can anyone please share some tips and tricks to get my gigs ranking again. Moreover, I am barely getting any orders and its actually very frustrating for me. I will be very thankful for some advices and tips. 

Have a great day. 

Thanks a lot in advance

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Gigs do not rank they are placed at various places in the search pages. One thing that determines that placement is your performance. Fiverr wants to have sellers with great customer service, which means less canceled orders and gigs with a higher starting point. 

You could try raising the prices on two of your gigs. I see now you give 500 words for $5. You could try 800 words for $10. If you get sales then you will make more money and make yourself and Fiverr happy. 


Good luck! 

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