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How Can I improve my gig??


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I'm not certain for sure but from my own research, making an edit to your gig will count as a re-submission. So it'll take some time for Fiverr to get your gig back to where it should be. In essence, It'll just take a bit more time to fix itself.

Plus, gigs are rotated through the marketplace. It may just be that yours is in the back area for a little bit. Again, it'll fix it self.

Your gig seems fine. Description could be cleaned up in terms of spacing on those bullet points but leave it alone until you've got some return buyers. If you've already got an order in the queue, you should be fine.

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These are my suggestions/comments:

Gig: write impressive case study and essay analysis in any field
The gig says "Are you looking for..." but there's no question mark anywhere in the sentence. That whole sentence might be better as 2 sentences.

Gig: I will write amazing, nutrition health and fitness article and blog
The description says "If you want essays on...". Maybe use a word other than "essays" as Fiverr might think that's about helping with academic work someone's been given to do.

In the video thumbnail it says "Research based aarticles and blogs" - I'd change that. The text on the video thumbnail gets cropped when shown on the profile (it will do the same in the search results) - maybe reposition the text in the video so it won't.

Gig: I will assist you in qualitative research, apa, mla, summary articles
The main gig image says "Clear, Relevent," - maybe change to "Clear, Relevant". It might be better not to say "Essay Writing" there for the reason above.
The description says "Are you looking for someone who's writings..." maybe the "who's" should be "whose" and there's no question mark at the end of the question.

In the profile it says " .so request your orders...". If it's a new sentence maybe it could be ". So request your orders..."

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