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Why you should tell buyers to message you first before buying your gigs?


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Okay, I’m not saying all gigs should tell buyers to message or contact you first. In my case, I need to.

So why buyers should message you first?

I have been encountering buyers just go straight and bought my gig, Then we start our conversation and discuss about what and how. And sometimes the buyers will never get back to me, and the clock just ticking away counting down the time. When I see the clock left about a day or 2, I simply ask for cancellation.

That is just wasting my time and giving me false hope that I could have another sale.

So if you are encountering the same problem as me, please put up a message in your gig and tell the buyers to message you first. It is better to have a discussion before hand, rather than discussing in the order, and then ended up left you with no much time to deliver the order.

Especially if you met first timer buyers, they seems to always to ignore what is written on your gig description, just read the title of it, and go straight to buy your gig.

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