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The problem with non-vetted sellers?

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I haven't been on fiverr very long, but a week ago I came across a seller that had displayed work in his gigs from at least 23 different unaware artists; none of whom have fiverr accounts.
Is that a common occurrence with non-vetted sellers and are vetted sellers vetted in that area?

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9 minutes ago, takmelius said:

Thanks for the link. My question though, is should I expect to encounter that often on here unless I choose to work with pro sellers?

You're most welcome!

You will also find Pro's who aren't honest, maybe not that many, but you will definitely find them. Honesty depends on the person, not on his/her status. 😉

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Oh I absolutely agree, but that's not what I meant. What I meant was, does fiverr check Pro sellers' gigs to make sure they are their own in order to give them the Pro badge and label them "Vetted professionals, verified for quality and service"?

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Thank you for tagging me in @maitasun

hi there @takmelius!


yes to answer your question, Fiverr Pro sellers and their gigs are vetted by Fiverr staff.


Not only that but if I edit my gig, or change the samples on my portfolio, it triggers a new manual check.


Furthermore we need to consult with the Fiverr Pro editorial team before opening a new gig, to ensure our offering is legitimate and compelling.


Hope this answers your question!

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