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Can I mention fiverr.com as my business source at Payoneer?


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Hi, I have worked for a client and he is going to pay me using my Payoneer account details. So when he submitted the payment, Payoneer asked him to wait untill approval and I got an email that was asking for details about my business and why the client is paying me.

I filled that form and mentioned Fiverr as my main website where I work and told everything about my service and payment reason. 


Now I am here to ask you people that is this valid to mention Fiverr there? I mean have you experienced such projects? Have you ever worked for someone using this way? Or there is a risk included? 

What you think? Will Payoneer allow my balance Transfer or will contact Fiverr for this secret payment? Please clear this.

Thank you

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What you did is not correct, if they asking for a reason you can write the exact detail as you are freelancer and you are directly selling the particular digital service to your client and you have chosen payoneer to request the payment. Now payoneer also can understand that you have given a wrong information coz if it is a business from fiver, client can make the payment through fiver.

But as far as i know it will not make any effect.

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