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How can i get my first irder easily


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8 hours ago, mahfuj093 said:

If I search after editing my gig, I can't find it.

You mean you searched your gig after editing or are you theoretically asking.. Anyway, if you just searched for your gig right after an edit it may not appear. Give it 3 days at most, then look here https://www.fiverr.com/support_tickets/new/gig --> My gig doesn't appear in search --> Select Gig

If it says active and you're relatively receiving impressions/clicks then your gig is appearing in the search results..............

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In the top menu go to the MORE item. The first sub-item in the drop down menu is Buyer Requests. So far so easy.

BUT... Being a new sellers, we don't see buyer requests permanently, we see them only for a limited time. At least that's what I heard. So don't be surprised if the list of buyer requests is empty most of the time.

And also... The buyer requests I have seen so far were either scams or from buyers trying to get a task done super cheap. So far I have not seen a single buyer request that was taken to be serious. But I have been looking only over a couple weeks, being new here myself.

In summary, when some people are suggesting to answer 10 buyer requests per day, that does not make any sense to me.

Hope this helps, even if it sounds discouraging.


And, by the way, if you are looking to get in your first order: There are better ways to do that instead of looking out for buyer requests.

The one big mistake I made was to assume that Fiverr would do the advertising for me. Well, for a 20% share in the revenue one might assume that they did. But look at it this way: With literally thousands of others also presenting their gigs on the same pages, your chances as a new seller to land a gig are almost zero. So, the advertising part of Fiverr's service is almost nil. What they take the 20% for is the handling of the order and giving you an international platform on which buyers can place their order with you. The advertising you have to do yourself!

I am exploring various ways of advertising myself at this time, social media, a well designed  website, etc.. But this seems to be the key to success: Do your own advertising! If your customers are mostly local, you might even be better off directing them in your advertisement to your website directly, i.e. without an involvement of Fiverr. If you deal with international customers, the 20% charge on revenue might be worth it, though. Just my 2 cents...

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For many reasons, not show buyer requests, you can face this issue. For Example


1) Wrong Service Category Selection

The buyer requests on Fiverr are shown based on your selected category & the service type.  For example, your Gig offers an On-Page SEO service. You chose the category named “page optimization,” then Fiverr always shows you the buyer requests looking for on-page SEO services.

2) Seller level Demotion

One of the significant factors is your positive ratings & Seller Level performance. If you are a new seller or demoted to the lower level due to bad ratings and reviews, you can find Fiverr buyer requests empty.

In case when you have an upgraded Seller level & positive ratings too and still can’t find the buyer requests, then there is a problem in category selection.

3) The buyer didn’t Opt for Buyer Requests

One of the reasons behind Fiverr no buyer requests is the buyer’s choice of finding the service provider. The buyer can either post a buyer request or search for specific keywords. So, the buyer may have decided to select the Gig by searching through the Fiverr search engine, and you can’t see the buyer's requests.

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Buyer Requests are a great way to boost your business on Fiverr, but totally relying on them is a huge mistake.

To Find Buyer Requests there are some requisites that your profile must meet.

  1. Your Fiverr Seller profile must be older than at-least 30 days.
  2. You should have the correct category and sub-category selected while creating your Gig.
  3. You must stay online in the Peak Hours or getting Fiverr Buyer's request.

To find the Buyer Request Section, head over to your Seller's Profile and in The main menu, along with the Fiverr's Logo you will find a menu mentioned more next to community, click more and in the drop down, you will find the Buyer Requests option.

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