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Why did my gigs Vanish from Search ?! PLEASE HELP

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A small intro abut my self , I am working on fiver from over 3 months now , and i have created 100+ orders in the bast 2 months. with 99% customer satisfaction and all Express gigs I was having a great time on fiverr until i come across a problem…

So i Mostly Design flat icons on Fiverr. and i was going good with 100% costumer satisfaction , and when i use to search for my own gigs in the Fiverr gig search i use to find them on top , for excellent rating in ever option they had Recommended/HighRating/Express/New(untill the got old) and on one gig i had 120K impressions (past 30 days) !

vvv Main Problem vvv

Now when i search for My gigs I find non of my gigs on the search , I can see all the other gigs that were available before (my competitors) but I cant see mine , I have another account and I even use that and its no-use I CANT SEE MY GIGS ON SEARCH ! thats why from a past few days my sales have drop ALOT , i use to make 5-7 orders a day now i get 1 or maximum 2 a day ! and i am dropping on gig impressions too !!!

^^^ Main Problem ^^^

In the Past 5 days i got a TOTAL of 7 Orders ONLY and most of them were from my old buyers! (3-5 from my old buters)

The gigs are NOT suspended , I am NOT on a Vacation mode nor they had a Single Negative rating (i had one but i refunded the buyer - that was weeks ago)


vvv Request vvv

Can you Do me a favour and search for “Flat icon” or “App icon” and tell me if you can actually see my Icon gigs there ? I REALLY NEED HELP

^^^ Request ^^^

I was loving my work on fiver from the past 2 months and now i am being depressed for past week.

Your sincerely

Sheriff’s Note: Your name next to your icon is a link to your gigs. It is not necessary to place the link in every post.

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Reply to @voiceoverwork: Thank you very much for your response.

So Fiver can just remove every gig that I have from ever search form every Prospective so i wont get ANY orders ? That is just Bizarre. I had My gigs running and suddenly every thing Vanishes in fin air. well thats a Very bad impression on fiverr for me.

Even if i type my name “FoxSquare” in the search no gig shows up , (my user id tho in the users search - but that is useless)

I cant deliver any thing and get my rates hi if i dont get the orders. Its like making a shop but under the road , its there but no one can see it.

I guess i just have to wait then for this to magically solve ? Or is there anything else i can do ? 😕

Thank you once again 🙂


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Its not a case of removal or exclusion, more a case of inclusion. They don’t guarantee placement at all for you, me or anyone. Gigs rotate and sometimes your gig is in search, other times its not. New gigs seem to get put in right away, possibly to give new folks a shot of exposure and get them a few sales. You are one of 4 million gigs and new ones are created every second. Its unrealistic to expect to stay in the rotation permanently.

You can deliver great products and service to increase your numbers and maintain excellent ratings to rise up the Levels. Once you hit Level 1 and Level 2, you’ll have more opportunities to make more sales. As you make more sales and keep high ratings your gigs will get more visibility.

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Reply to @voiceoverwork: Sir,

First of all think you for being a sport and trying to help me 🙂

I am a Level 2 Seller , and i have 100% rating on my gigs (over all 99%) and was at the top of “recommended/top rated and express” sections as i have mentioned above .

The thing is that My competitors , who were at the same place where I was are still there , and they have abut same no of sales that i had , but I got removed (without any reason) and now they are the one getting all the orders and growing up and i am here depending on my ex buyers. They (the competitors) are are like me , level 2 even level 1 sellers and also top rated sellers , the thing is that Every one who was there before is still there , except me.

I can see that you are a top rated seller who will you feel if not one not two but all of your Gigs are removed from everywhere that a random customer can get to you ?

I feel cheated by fiverr, and this thing has to be clear.

Any suggestions that I should follow ? or should i just be patient and wait ? ( i already reported the CS btw let see what happens there)

Your sincerely

Sheriff’s Note: Your name next to your icon is a link to your gigs. It is not necessary to place the link in every post.

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