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Bulk editor and segmenting edit tools

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I've suggested this to a member of Fiverr support previously when they were helping me with another issue, but also wanted to suggest here and see what other sellers think...

I would love it if Fiverr had a 'bulk editor'. Just to give some examples...

  • Turn off/on extra fast delivery on all gigs 
  • Adjust delivery times for all gigs at once, e.g. add/reduce all delivery times by 1 day
  • Add/delete/edit an FAQ on all gigs
  • Increase/decrease pricing of all gigs incrementally

It would also be great to look at different edit options for all gigs at once. So for example, go to a pricing page and see pricing for all gigs, or see the SEO title for all gigs. This would mean sellers could look to improve particular areas of all gigs at a time.

The bulk editor would be a massive time saver and help to manage deadlines. And being able to look at segments to edit I believe would really improve gig editing workflow and allow sellers to tackle one improvement at a time across all gigs.

Who would love to see these changes in a future update?

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