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First time I might be late for delivery


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Hi everyone,

I got an order to retouch a photo. The customer bought an extra for an additional photo to be retouched, but has provided only one photo. I have delivered the order and after the delivery deadline I was provided an additional photo. I asked the buyer to accept my request for extended delivery time, so when I finish the second photo, the order wont be marked as being late. If the customer doesn't accept my request, will the order be marked as being late? What consequences will it have for my account? Thank you for your time.

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2 minutes ago, irshan_cool said:

If your first delivery is before the dead line then it will not mark as late delivery.

When customer bought for a extra for and additional photo you must deliver both the photos within the dead line other wise it is again Fiver TOS.

I understand it, but I got sent a second photo after the deadline. I will retouch and deliver again, but if the customer doesn't accept my request to extend the time, it would be late.

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