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I dont know why i cant write my gig



I ll make your website from 0 using HTML CSS and JavaScript without templates using UI basic concepts


  • How i will do it

   the first step is talk about your project, what kind of project you want to develop?, It is important to receive all the possible data in order for the page to fit the image of what you want


  •  Send me material

   all kinds of images and logos will be important for the construction of your web page,so I can be more exact with what you want


  •  Making the project

   I will develop your website and send you the results when they are ready


  • Any disagreement

   If you dont like something you have a chance to tell me the changes you want to make


   what I offer to you


  • Responsibility
  • price equality
  • Punctuality
  • honesty
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If you ask me, I'd suggest you make changes to your gig title, it doesn't give your gig exposure. There is no even a single keyword on your gig title. Plus, consider making some changes to your whole gig description. Remember, you are competing against thousands of other sellers. You need to give the search engine an easy time to find your gig and display it to potential buyers.

I can even recommend that you delete that gig and set up something fresh. And one thing I've learned is, as a new seller, you must have multiple gigs. I recommend setting up 7 gigs. That way if all of your gigs are getting exposure, who knows, maybe one day you'll get orders from this gig, the next from the other gig.

I'm doing the same niche as you. If you like you can take a look at my profile. But "DON'T BE COPY PASTE MY GIG TITLE AND DESCRIPTION, YOU'LL GET YOUR ACCOUNT BANNED FROM FIVERR - PLEASE NOTE THIS!"

Not just mine, there are thousands of other successful sellers who do what you are trying to do. Just go and take a look at how they set up their gig. For setting up multiple gigs, I wish I knew earlier too. I helps a lot when you have multiple gigs running in the search engine.

Best Regards,

Getty WebDesign

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